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An independent magazine of original true stories, established in 2020


Friends On The Shelf is an independent literary magazine that publishes true, real-life stories from a wide variety of people. Friends On The Shelf’s authors range from completely new writers to well-known names. And their stories vary, too – some are funny, some tragic, some extraordinary, and some are simply a celebration of everyday life. Each issue is a wonderful glimpse into the lives of others.

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Issue 8 Writers:

Nadia Shireen – Coach F

Charlie Higson – Grannies

Valerie Littman – Ethel & Joel

Sam Brown – Bingo With Jack

Rachel Krish – Visiting Pigeon

Will Owen – Laced With Pride

Pablo Griffiths – Cigar Smoke

Shayan Navab – Forgotten Feast

Margo Buchanan – Fairy Dust

Loan Tran – A Year And A Day

Fran Deacon – For Whom The Bell Tolls

Pitter Patter – Carry On Nurse

Teresa Robertson – Camden School For Girls

Peggy Seeger – Strife In The Desk Drawer

Rona Davies – The Plate 

Sasha Golubieva – My Mother, My Enemy as told to Julia Lasica

Helen Napier – The Feeling  

James Mayall – Learning To Cook

Janie Newman Collins – University Of life

Sophie Sparrow – Nighthawks

Nicole Carmichael – Hair Dos & Don'ts

Mark Blackburn – Ashes To Ashes

Richard G Berg – Let's Glance

Jane Devane – Book(ish)

Joe Kerr – The Worst of Days, The Best Of Days


'I love everything about this publication – its beautiful illustrations, its immaculate design, its book-size format and its finely chiselled, funny, charming, poignant and often very moving true stories, some a unique slant on things we’ve all experienced, others a ticket to somewhere new and extraordinary. A great escape – and there’s never been a time we needed

one more.'

Mark Ellen, magazine editor, broadcaster and journalist

' … Friends On The Shelf feels rather like tales told by the most interesting new friends gathered around a dinner table by firelight … '

Much Ado Books, Alfriston

'Reading the varied stories is like spending time with an amusing raconteur … they make you laugh, cringe, be moved or surprised, and connect with what it means to be human. Memoir at its best'

Vanessa Nicolson, Sunday Times serialised memoirist, novelist and contributor to Issue 6

'A fascinating snapshot of life in our times. You never know where an issue is going to take you … we hope FOTS inspires and delights you as much as it does us'

Online newsstand, Pics and Ink

Writing for FOTS is a real pleasure … it's been a privilege to see my words treated with such respect.'

Iqbal Hussain, runner-up in the Evening Standard short story competition '22 and regular FOTS contributor

Thank you for believing in my story and publishing it in FOTS'

Lotie Parker, contributor to Issue 7

'I feel proud to be in such good company.'

David Wickers, award-winning travel writer

and contributor to Issues 1 and 2

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You can now listen to the interview that Rachel and Vick did for Monocle Radio. Click on the image (left) and it will take you to our episode.

We talk to Georgina Godwin about our backgrounds, why we decided to start Friends On The Shelf and what inspired us to take on this hefty, but incredibly rewarding project!

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