We're interested in real, lived experiences, told honestly and written in the first person, with you at the centre of the story. Something familiar from everyday life can work really well, especially if there are unexpected insights. We recommend reading previous issues of Friends On The Shelf to get a feel for the tone of the pieces we have included. 


You may like to send us a brief idea of the piece first but we are equally happy to read a complete story. 


We regret that at present we cannot pay our contributors as all our income currently goes into producing the next magazine.

Please write to Friends On The Shelf, 93 Cranley Gardens, London N10 3AD or email us at friendsontheshelf@gmail.com

Please read the notes below:


1. We do not publish fiction.

2.  All pieces submitted must be previously unpublished.

3. We read everything we are sent. As we are a very small editorial team, please bear with us if it takes a little time to get back to you.

4. Word length:  up to 1,000 words approximately, with the following caveats:

 · We say 1,000 words because the majority of tales work well at this length. However, some stories benefit from being a little longer, so you may go up to 1,400 words – we’d rather hear all the juicy details than not! 

 · We also publish a very few longer stories: these are usually specially commissioned. (Around 2,000 words). If after reading our publication, you have a longer story you think might be right for us, please send us a brief synopsis, and we’d be glad to read it.   

5. We are unable to publish all the pieces we receive. We may also request to hold over pieces for a forthcoming issue.

6. Contributors may expect to be edited, though we always work collaboratively, as our goal is to help present your work in the best possible light. 

7. Contributors will receive a Special Issue of the magazine in which their work is featured, with their name hand-calligraphed on a bookplate at the front. 

8. Contributors may write under a pseudonym if they choose, and will have an original pen portrait in the magazine, based on a photo that they supply (in disguise, if necessary!)     

9. Friends On The Shelf is published twice a year in March and September. Issue 6 will be in September 2022. These publication dates might change.

10. We do not publish pieces involving character defamation or compromise of privacy.

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