An extract from

A GREAT WHITE TALE  by Dennis Power-Sharpe

Harry and I were treading water two hundred yards out. We had caught two big waves almost to the beach. I remember feeling an exhilaration greater than anything in my life before. We both swam back out, past the shore break and then another one-fifty to the rocky point. Ten other body-surfers were there, all jockeying for the best position, all waiting for the next perfectly-formed wave. It was magnificent … at one with nature … floating in God’s chosen place … a cloudless sky, a challenging sport, a heavenly time.

All the other surfers had just caught the previous wave. Harry and I had let it go … there were plenty of waves to come … sublime.

   Suddenly the silence and our feelings of serenity were shattered by the shark alarm blasting from the beach, followed by the loudhailer from the tower.

   'TWO SWIMMERS OFF THE POINT. SHARK SIGHTED TWENTY YARDS NORTH.' His matter-of-fact tone was not at all comforting. Twenty yards can be covered by an attacking sea monster in three seconds …

Read Issue 4 to find out what happened next!

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