We have had a wonderful response to Issue 1 and now we are excited to
bring you Issue 2. To quote Samuel Beckett: ‘I can’t go on, I’ll go on.’ So on we went!     

   We have new contributors as well as some returning from Issue 1, including

David Wickers, who has written a sequel to his humorous and heart-warming story,

‘The Walk That Never Was’, and Pica Emma with more memories: this time, childhood holidays in ‘Fenlandia’. 

   Only in FOTS will you find well-known writer Charlie Higson’s buttock-clenching tale of a Greek holiday aged 16 alongside student and first-time writer Prentice Wright’s experience of knocking on doors, when he had a temporary fund-raising job. Or musician Neill MacColl’s moving story about his relationship with his sister Kirsty, and Wafty Pants’ comic anecdote about sexual anxiety in his 20s, mixed with cattery owner Naomi Opalinska’s story of snow causing trouble at Christmas.     

   We are delighted that best-selling crime writer, Dreda Say Mitchell, wrote about why she found herself outside a shop at dawn queuing for a hammock, and how it made her think about what mattered in her life. And also that 24-year-old Jake Herbert shared the recipe he created for a cake he made in lieu of his Covid-cancelled holiday in Morocco, with flavours to take him there – virtually. Who needs to travel when you can stay at home and eat this cake!     

   Of the 29 diverse stories we’ve included some have a more serious and reflective flavour than before, but there’s still plenty of levity to lighten the mix. With such a wealth of material submitted, we’re halfway towards Issue 3 which comes out in Spring 2021, with two more issues planned for next Summer and Autumn. We hope you’ll enjoy it – thank you for sticking with us!


Rachel Swann, November 2020

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